French Property – The Secret of Getting the Best Price for Your Property

Many of our vendors are looking to move within France.  In this article we are going to offer some trade secrets to getting the best price for your property.  When selling, it is important to remember that a French property, it’s not so much unlike anywhere else in the world. Real Estate is a pretty predictable creature in terms of what makes a house sell.
There might be some variances depending on what people’s values are, but for the most part, there are a few key factors that really make a difference. The first tip on getting the best price is to be realistic in terms of what your property has to offer.
When you are ready to list your property for sale, one of the things that go along with your standards is your asking price.  What is meant by this is that when selling your French property, you don’t want your asking price to be too low or too high. If too high, it will turn people away before they even see it. If it’s too low, you’re cutting into your own wallet. Next, make sure you’re using a good real estate agent that knows what they are doing. When you are selling a property, having a bad real estate agent is very bad news.

One action point that makes a huge difference on first impressions of a home is curb appeal. Taking some action to increase curb appeal always pays you back. People who are house shopping will take this point as one that will affect how people see them if they buy this house. Curb appeal can say a lot about a homeowner. Do they take care of their house? Is this French property owned by a slob? Which one does the property look like? Figure out what the best features of your home are. Make sure the home smells good and that there is no clutter.
Make the house appear bigger than it is, but neutrally decorated, so that anyone could see themselves living there.
When selling French property, pretend you are the buyer. Walk through your home. Again, really pretend you are house shopping. If you were looking at this house, would you think it’s worth the asking price? If not, do you think another buyer would? Highlight the good stuff and don’t show off the less than perfect. This will also give you the opportunity of looking for any repairs that your house may need.

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