Blooming lovely, it’s springtime!

One of the wonderful things about spring is that we can get back out in the garden!


Here in France, the Open Garden Scheme that has been enthusiastically embraced from the Loire to the Cote d’Azur. It’s lovely to able to have a peek at other people’s gardens, whether it’s got exotic fruit trees or formal rose beds – enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of gateau.

Jardins Ouverts was launched in 2012 by four gardeners from the Haute Vienne, to raise money for children with cancer and runs from March to August every year. I was inspired to open my garden to the public last summer too – and many people are joining this all the time – we are fast becoming a nation of gardeners here, especially in my little patch of France where there are dozens of gardens on show!

I was entranced by the nursery at Le Temple sur Lot that supplied Monet his famous water lilies. Find out more: (