Your questions answered with #AskLeggett

As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed our Twitter Q&A session with French Property News. We thought we would share the questions and answers with you – we hope they are useful to all of you thinking of buying in France!
If you have any questions of your own, be sure to join us at our next session – simply use the #AskLeggett hashtag on Twitter.

Q1. My husband loves peaceful countryside, I like city culture, but we need to be able to get back to the UK quickly – help!
Take a look at the villages around Bordeaux, Lyon or Toulouse – three personal favourites and all surrounded by glorious countryside.
Q2. We want better weather but will need to regularly travel by ferry back to the UK – where should we look?
You’ll be glad to know all departments have more sunshine than UK. General rule is south of Loire Valley for noticeably warmer climate.
Q3. Can you pass property on to your kids if you buy somewhere in France?
Actually children are specifically protected from being cut out… it’s called La Réserve. Always check with the notaire though.
Q4. I love skiing, mountain biking etc, but the Alps seem so far away – any ideas on where to look for a property?
Don’t rule out the Alps, our portfolio there starts from €50k. If not try Super Besse in Massif Central or the Pyrenées.
Q5. We want a rural home but will need to find work in a city – can we combine the two?
Yes indeed – the transport infrastructure here is superb. Not easy for expats to find employment though. You could apply to work with us!
Q6. We want to retire somewhere peaceful in France, but we want to come back regularly to see family. Where should we go?
Peaceful – think about flying into Limoges, Carcassonne or Toulouse or how about ferry to St Malo and following your nose in Brittany….
Q7. I want to run a B&B/gîte to earn money and hoping to attract Brits – can you suggest a good location they can get to easily?
To attract Brits try the Dordogne or Charente but be aware you’ll have plenty of competition so do your sums and stand out from the crowd.
Q8. I need to work in the UK, but would love a French home I could use at the weekend and for holidays. Can you suggest a good spot?
If you’re in London look at Eurostar to say Angouleme or Bordeaux. City Airport flies to 9 other destinations… try Bergerac it’s gorgeous.
Q9. I hate flying, but want to be able to get back to the UK from my French property within a day – how far south can I go?  
I live in Cognac, rural South West and am back in London in around 6 hrs on Eurostar. Comfy drive in a day too as long as you’re not in Inverness :-)
Q10. I want to buy somewhere with a really ‘French’ culture, but don’t want to travel too far – any suggestions on a good area?
Personal favourites include Finistere, Morbihan and Cotes d’Armor… Superb food, scenery (and cycle routes for me).
Q11. Is it possible to travel easily to the Alps in the summer? We want a property we can visit all year round.
Absolutely. It’s a super year round destination, choose from our 1,000+ portfolio then invite me out to see Chris Froome in Le Tour :-)