Top Ten Tips for Buying French Property

  1. Do Your Homework:  Knowing a little beforehand about the city or area you are planning on moving into can help you decide whether or not you really do want to live there.  Does it feel right.  Do you know anyone else who lives there?
  2. Know your Region: Property for sale in Dordogne is  different to property for sale in the Alps, and these differences can make a huge impact on not only the price of your potential home, but the way in which it will affect your life once you get there. Knowing how a region works is key to deciding whether it is right for you.
  3. Make a List:  And check it!  Knowing what you’re looking for is important, and it’s best to know the difference between your needs and your wants. Checking off items as you compare houses will help you easily tell which is better for you, and in what ways.
  4. Prepare for Compromise:  Buying French homes can be overwhelming, especially with the high variability in costs for different areas. Being prepared to compromise on what may not be your dream home will help you realize the house’s potential and maybe improve it later.
  5. Choose Reasonably:  While it’s tempting to look at chateaus and manor houses in the French countryside, it helps to have a realistic idea of what you can afford before you start looking.
  6. Consider Schools: If you have children, it is especially important to make sure they have access to good schools. Even if you don’t have kids, a good school district nearby will keep the property value of your home high.
  7. Hire an Inspector: It’s important to make sure the home you intend to buy is actually in the shape you think it’s in, and making sure there are no potentially disastrous problems with the house will keep you from having to shoulder extra costs.
  8. Know When You’re Right: It may be your instinct to continue searching even after you have found what you think is the perfect home. Try and avoid this if possible. If you find the perfect home, just go for it!
  9. Relax: Searching for a home can be very overwhelming, and to keep things from getting too stressful it’s important to take a few steps back during the process.
  10. Don’t Commit Until You’re Sure:  If there’s anything you’re not sure about regarding what is potentially your new home, then don’t commit  without investigating further what is making you uneasy

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