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The Morbihan is a good choice of location if you are looking to buy a second homeIn a time of worldwide economic uncertainty, it is a wise financial decision to invest in an area that has proved itself both as a popular holiday destination with French and English tourists and as an ever popular location for buyers of permanent homes.

A purchase in an established area can be a wise investment. In addition to gaining a holiday home to enjoy there is also the potential to earn a living from letting your home out during the holiday season.
There are many reasons why the Morbihan has always been an enticing holiday destination for travellers to France and a popular area for a permanent home.
The Morbihan has a strong sense of history. Indeed the area has an exceptional range of megalithic monuments such as menhirs, underground chambers and stone circles. Best known are the marvelous alignments of rows on row of standing stones at Carnac.
The name Morbihan itself derives from Breton, a Celtic language (similar to Cornish and Welsh) with ‘mor’ and ‘bihan’ meaning little sea.
The Gulf of Morbihan has many islands: one for each day of the year according to legend, but now owing to the slow rise of water levels there are between

30 and 40. Of these there are two public islands:l’Île aux Moines and l’Île D’Arz. The others are all privately owned. The coastline is rugged and interesting – dotted with fine beaches and secluded bays.
The Morbihan climate has a sub-tropical feeling and enjoys more than 2000 hours of sunshine per year
Inland, there are sleepy villages, and bustling market towns. The capital of the Morbihan is Vannes, an ancient town and residence of the former Dukes of Brittany Vannes with ramparts, half timbered houses old quarter preserving its medieval character.
Other famous towns include Josselin, famous for its chteau, La Roche Bernard, an historic and attractive town with a pretty port, Rochefort en Terre, Lizio and Malestroit, all ‘cités de caractère’, renowned for their history and character.
In terms of infrastructure, Morbihan offers good access to Rennes, Nantes and Brest airports, the ports of Cherbourg, Roscoff, Le Havre and St Malo as well as a direct TGV link between Redon and Paris.
So why not hop on a ferry, train or plane and book your viewing trip now.
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