Is France still the safest place to buy?

France safest place to Buy
Arc de Triomphe

Dubai hits the news with its ‘too good to be true’ investment promises exposed – its most recent investors may well have very little chance of getting their money back in the near future. Bulgarian property values descend to giveaway prices.The Spanish Costas property portfollio is, in places, being discounted by 30- 50% owing to confidence levels being seriously damaged by over supply making greedy developers bankrupt. However, France still seems to be the safest place to buy.

Almost all the experts believe that France is by far the best place to invest. France may have suffered during the past 18 months of recession but not as badly as most of its neighbours. The french property market never really overheated to the same extent as Spain or the UK – except perhaps, for certain select areas such as the Cote D’Azur, Basin d’Archachon, and Biarritz.
France remains one of the most civilised countries in the world with a rich and historic culture and charming and friendly people who take the time to say ‘bonjour’. And of course, great Wines & Food in your local markets of which plenty remain.
France is not only convenient and accessible but also gives it no one, but but three mountain ranges, two seas, countless river valleys and forests.
What’s more most of it will remain above sea level even in 50 years time. Keeping your investment nice and dry – providing you maintain the roof of course.

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