RUGBY CITIES – Welcome to Paris!

Thanks to the 2023 Rugby World Cup, France is welcoming the world to celebrate its passion for that sport. This competition is also an opportunity to revisit some of the country’s most captivating cities. Among them, Paris stands out not only for its history, culture, and architecture, but also for its deep connection with rugby and its unique property market.

The City of Light is home to a burning passion for rugby. As the home of the Stade Français Paris, one of the country’s most prestigious rugby teams, Paris is no stranger to rugby matches. The electrifying atmosphere of the stands blends with the elegance and sophistication that characterise the city. And while the teams prepare to compete, you can prepare your own Parisian adventure.

Living in Paris means embracing a lifestyle where art and culture are everywhere. From world-famous museums to boutiques and cafés, it is easy to get mesmerised by the city. From sumptuous flats overlooking iconic monuments to elegant homes nestled in picturesque neighbourhoods, every corner of Paris tells a story.

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