RUGBY CITIES – Welcome to Carcassonne!

With the 2023 Rugby World Cup taking place from 8th September to 28th October, the rugby frenzy is all over France. This major sporting event offers much more than fierce competition; it is also an opportunity to rediscover some of the country’s most iconic cities. Carcassonne, which combines a passion for rugby with a treasure trove of history, deserves to be on this list.

The city is home to a passion for rugby, shared by its residents. The local rugby team, the US Carcassonne, embodies the spirit of the city. Their dedication to the sport and unwavering commitment resonate in every match, under the supporting eyes of their fans.

Much more than just a destination, Carcassonne is a way of life. Between the cheers at the stadium and the city’s lively streets, you will discover a perfect balance between a passion for rugby and a peaceful everyday life. With its remarkable medieval heritage, colourful markets, and famous gastronomy, Carcassonne has plenty to offer.

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