RUGBY CITIES – Welcome to Avignon!

As the 2023 Rugby World Cup is here, it is a perfect opportunity to learn about cities which combine a love of the sport with a unique property market.

Located in the south of France, Avignon is a city where rugby is more than just a sport. It is a way of life, rooted in the community. The local rugby team, Avignon Le Pontet Rugby, embodies this spirit with determination and dedication; the conviviality between the players and supporters is clear.

This passion for rugby is part of the city and to live in Avignon is to enjoy its festivals, markets, and culinary delights; each day brings its own share of wonder. Avignon’s charm is reflected in its medieval architecture, cobbled streets, and lively squares. From characterful houses to elegant flats, each property tells a unique story.

In the heart of this city steeped in history, you will find Leggett Immobilier International, your guide to exceptional properties in Avignon and its surroundings. Whether you are looking for a permanent residence or a holiday home, the local Leggett agency is there to guide you, with a selection of properties that are sure to catch your eye.

Contact Leggett today to begin your journey to an authentic and rewarding life in this beautiful region. Get in touch to benefit from the advice of our local experts and find the perfect property today!

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