Dordogne – Beautiful Spring in Dordogne

Spring in Brantome, Dordogne

The Dordogne department of France is a popular place to live, both for citizens of France that are moving internally and for those coming in from out of the country. This is true for several reasons, primarily the consistently nice weather, the peaceful rural lifestyle, and the beautiful landscapes. French property for sale in Dordogne is becoming increasingly popular, and there are plenty of options for moving in, from renovations to centuries old chateaux dotted along the hillsides. Here, we’ll take a look at one of the most enchanting aspects of Dordogne, which is to say, the season of spring.

Spring in Dordogne is notable because of the intense natural beauty for which the department has become known. There are thick forests, rolling hills, shining lakes, and thousands of walnut trees in bloom. Because the area is so rural, it’s easy to walk outside virtually anywhere in the region and experience nature at its finest, and it is very common for citizens to take long walks around the countryside during spring. The climate means that spring is generally warm and favorable, with summer starting early and temperatures becoming warm in early May. It generally does not become overly hot in Dordogne, making it easy to enjoy the outdoors during spring, summer, and even early autumn.
Dordogne is also wonderful during spring because of the large number of events and festivals. There is almost always an outdoor market, a wine tasting, or an ancient castle to explore. There is an annual folk dancing festival held in Dordogne, as well as a number of craft fairs and workshops. Dordogne also has fantastic food, and spring is a great time to experience it because of the availability of ingredients that are only available during certain parts of the year.
Spring and early summer are by far the best times to visit Dordogne, and if you plan on staying for a more extended visit then beginning or ending with spring is a great way to do so. If you plan to buy property in France but haven’t yet decided where you want to live, Dordogne is a lovely area of the country that provides a simple yet pleasurable way of life. The rustic beauty and the easygoing lifestyle that Dordogne provides is not easy to forget, and many people find themselves returning year after year after having had only a single visit to the region.
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