Charente – Charente in the Spring

Anyone considering looking into French property for sale in Charente, whether one is looking at French homes or simply land upon which to build, likely has some idea about how breathtaking the region’s landscape, climate, and culture are. There are plenty of options for homes in Charente, from little villages and hamlets to a few medium sized towns, to individual chateaus in the countryside. The region is lovely throughout the year, however, the time when it shines the most is during the spring. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the ways Charente becomes staggeringly beautiful during the spring, as well as a few unique aspects of the region that give it an extra appeal during the season.
Spring in Charente is so nice primarily because of the natural beauty of the region. There are huge grassy fields, rolling green hills, thickets and copses of trees, great rivers, with little villages dotting the landscape. There are vineyards spread across the entire department, as cognac is the primary agricultural export of the area. During the spring all of this nature literally comes to life, with brief showers giving the plants a chance to really shine. Spring is also the time of year when all of the flowers tend to emerge in Charente, with walnut trees blossoming and the grapevines growing little flowers.
The spring is also a time of festivals and celebrations in Charente. There is almost always an open air market selling local produce and meats, as well as local crafts shops that produce all kinds of handmade goods. Spring also tends to bring about the more rambunctious side of things in Charente, with street festivals, music, dancing, singing, and a generally party atmosphere. If you want to see Charente at its finest, then spring is certainly the time to go.
Perhaps the best thing about Charente during the spring is, simply put, the food. All the ingredients are at their freshest, seasonal ingredients are more readily available, and everything seems to just taste better. The traditional meals that have been eaten in the region for hundreds of years are prepared with care and love. The people are calm but friendly, with a general neighborly air. Anyone who wants to live in France is guaranteed to love Charente, as living here is so easy on both the body and on the spirit. Charente in spring is, simply put, wonderful.

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