Leggett Webinars

Do you know that we host webinars each month?

Thinking of buying or selling a house in France? We organise a webinar every month, featuring a number of highly experienced panelists to answer all your burning questions.

Covid might be (mostly) behind us, but the popularity of webinars as a great way to share information is here to stay. For over a year we have organised a webinar every month to answer all your questions about buying or selling a property in France. Sometimes we pick specific topics: Paris, the Grand Ouest (north-west France) or the Alps, but we also tackle all subjects that are related to buying, selling, or moving to France, including the healthcare system, taxes, French admin, visas, currency transfers and also property management. Our panel of experts, including relocation, tax and insurance specialists, are able to answer questions on all the popular subjects.

You can find all the webinars so far here.