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Trevor Leggett’s predictions for 2021

2020 has been quite a year for us all. Trevor Leggett, our founder, reflects on the year that just passed.

“2020 was a year of change and adaptation”

For many of us, this past year has meant focusing on what really matters, particularly with regard to our living environment. Many city dwellers have felt the need for more space and easier access to nature, and as such, the popularity of country homes has skyrocketed. 

As the leader in the French second home market and the biggest seller of French property to International clients, our portfolio of more than 11,000 country properties has seen a significant increase in demand. The possibility of having a room dedicated to remote working, and an excellent Internet connection, were also among the top criteria when looking for a house, in addition to having outside space. 

Trevor Leggett – Founder of Leggett Immobilier

Trevor notes that in 2020, “our websites have seen an huge increase in traffic, beyond all my expectations. I would have thought that during a year with a global Covid pandemic, we would have hoped to maintain the same number of visits, and I would have been satisfied with that. But doubling the number of visits in January 2021 compared to January 2020 is simply exceptional!” 

Trevor Leggett is indeed very proud of his teams and how the business has pulled together during this exceptional year. “This year we had to go back to basics and our teams have been really flexible. Our solidarity during these difficult times has pushed us all to be better”.

Indeed, because of the travel restrictions we experienced, our teams have turned to new digital tools and this allows us to offer more ‘remote solutions’ to our clients. “At the end of the last quarter, our mandates team implemented the e-CDV,” says Trevor. Thanks to this new tool, Leggett Immobilier now offers the possibility of carrying out the entire selling or buying process digitally. Our agents offer virtual tours and online walkrounds, which are appreciated by both our French and international clients.

So where is Leggett Immobilier going in 2021?

Trevor wants to further develop the digital tools provided by Leggett Immobilier, including the in-house development of a new website and CRM software. A key step forward, according to him. “The creation of this software is very important for the company. It means we can improve services offered to our clients by giving them access to a space where they will be able to follow each and every step of their selling or buying process. My goal for 2021 is to improve all these communications with our buyers and sellers, and to be even more transparent about the process”.

Leggett agency in Mansle

Another area of development for 2021 is the deployment of Leggett Immobilier services in urban areas. “Now we need to replicate what we have in rural areas in cities. It’s a big job ahead.”

Trevor concludes, “In 2021, we’re starting with a much stronger base, the atmosphere between the teams is good, and there is a lot of mutual support. We’re ready to take on new challenges.”

Another great year ahead for Leggett Immobilier!

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