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The best Christmas gift we could get: Our buyers trust us!

It’s official: the French have grown to love their estate agents! An annual industry barometer reveals that in 2021 customer satisfaction is at the highest level since the survey began six years ago. It’s a great turn-around in a profession with a reputation that had not improved over time. But the fact is that estate agents have helped customers to move home in particularly anxious times, during the pandemic. Haven’t many of us appreciated the benefits of human interaction (virtual or physical) over the purely digital – during the health crisis?

It is great to learn that property buyers and sellers place dealing with an estate agent on a higher priority than looking at internet sites or property portals. Here at Leggett we have seen the same trend, with many happy buyers (including British ones, we hasten to add!) so grateful for assistance during a tricky time. A buyer poll of our own showed 91 per cent satisfaction, and a general rating of 4.6 out of 5. Our new ways of working have also helped improve how we can help buyers. These include virtual tours and videos so that even during confinement, you can ‘look’ around properties. These also help to speedily hone down your search – before you even leave the house – and we can create an optimised itinerary for your viewing, when you are able to travel out. The lockdowns also pushed the conveyancing system into the 21st century with the general use of e-mandates and e-compromis, making life easier for buyers from now on – our in-house legal team have been able to advise all along, to help you plan for your new home in France.