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Our very own podcast series

Driving home for Christmas? Going for a long run to work off that indulgent lunch? It’s the perfect time to enjoy a podcast – and why not make it one of ours?

Podcast listeners are growing year by year and if you’ve not tried one yet, this might be a great start. We started our new podcast series in September, and we’ve released eight episodes so far, covering how the company began, how to become a Leggett agent (maybe that might be your new year’s new possibility to explore?) to exploring the diverse regions of France and finding out more about moving and living in France, or renovating a property.

This medium offers relaxed conversations with Leggett’s experienced agents and visa experts through interviews packed with insights, tips, and advice.  If you are keen to get a better understanding of the French property market, it’s also a good place to start.

We release a new episode every Sunday with a new guest each week so take a look – just select your favourite podcast app – and find them here.