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Leggett Immobilier went full digital!

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, and Leggett has stepped up to the plate and gone fully digital. To counter ongoing restrictions we have pioneered many new ways of doing business.

Last year we were involved in doing webinars offering advice to buyers and also many of our agents started doing virtual tours that proved very popular for buyers who couldn’t travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. We now have virtual tours available for over 2,000 properties and regular video calls with agents.  We also offer e-mandates and e-CDVs allowing the selling and buying processes to be done fully remotely.

Left to right: Karine Charriaud, Lorraine Deure, Trevor Leggett, Dan Marcus, Charlie Thomas, Joanna Leggett, Jane Armstrong, Sharon Scott, Natalie Leggett

Leggett has always been turned toward the development of digital tools for our clients, and so the next next step felt natural – we turned toward digital tools for our internal communication as well. This year, our directors decided that rather than canceling our annual sales conference, we would do it entirely virtually. Earlier this month, we organised a You Tube live streamed conference and everyone really enjoyed the new format! For many agents, it was a much-welcomed chance to ‘virtually’ re-group with their teammates. The conference was presented by our Marketing Director, Joanna Leggett, and our Sales Director, Carl Fitzpatrick, with Trevor Leggett, founder, and Karine Charriaud, Gérante, and Lorraine Deure, head of recruitment.

Lucas Legros (video editor) & Diane Glevarec (Social media Manager)