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Join our Property Referral Network and earn extra income!

At Leggett, we believe in fostering meaningful connections within our local communities, and our Apporteur d’Affaires programme is a testament to this commitment.

Did you know that both companies and private individuals can contribute to and benefit from this initiative by introducing business to us? With a robust community of over 1,000 Apporteur d’Affaires actively engaged every day, our programme has become a thriving network. On average, these individuals earn €1,000 for every lead that materialises into completed business. This not only underscores the success of the program but also reflects the trust and confidence our community places in Leggett.

Our roots in local communities run deep, spanning the length and breadth of France. Our 650 agents, well-known figures in their individual areas, are more than just real estate professionals — they are community builders. They continuously network with their family, friends, and local businesses, creating a dynamic environment where collaboration flourishes. It’s truly a win-win situation, where success is shared among all.

For years, businesses ranging from local bakeries to builders’ merchants, and from property management companies to bars and restaurants, have been referring clients to us. In turn, we actively reciprocate, passing business back to them.

We are excited to announce the expansion of our programme to include private individuals. Now, you can play a crucial role in connecting your friends with our services. Whether it’s assisting a friend in selling their house or helping a family member find an apartment, you can now earn referral commission when the sale is successfully completed.

Getting started is easy. Simply fill in a straightforward contract, and you’ll be on your way to earning. The simplicity of the sign-up process ensures that everyone can participate and contribute to the success of our community-driven initiative.

Participating in the Leggett Apporteur d’Affaires programme isn’t just about community engagement; it’s also an opportunity to earn. With the potential to earn up to €4,000 a year, it’s a rewarding way to be involved in the growth of your community while enjoying financial benefits.

For comprehensive details, including commission rates and terms & conditions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We look forward to collaborating with you as we continue to build strong, interconnected communities across France. Together, let’s make a difference!