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2017 – what a year that was!

Last year was a memorable year for many reasons. We are expecting 2018 to be pretty outstanding too, but here we reflect on a flurry of “firsts” and other successes.  Following a busy France show in January, we made our first appearance on French TV (C News) in March, only to be named by the Financial Times as “one of the ten fastest growing real estate companies in Europe”. In May our database topped 30,000 people; in June BNP Paribas brought good news on the amount of foreiegn buyers active in France; and then in August we had another TV appearance – this time on the UK’s Property Shop. October brought our award for the Best Estate Agency in France (again!) and the the year closed with another TV slot, €15,000 being raised for charity through the Open Garden initiative and a sales record and website hit rate being broken. That’s just the highlights.
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