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Our agents' success story – Lucilia Desjeunes in the Alps

This month we interviewed Lucilia Desjeunes who is a member of the Alps Leggett Sales Team.  Here she answers some questions to give us more of an idea of what the role of a self-employed agent entails.

What did you do before you joined Leggett?

I had many jobs before I started working as an Agent and they ranged from waitressing to international advertising to working for Tui (Thomson) in the UK.  I was working at the ski lift company in the Belleville Valley prior to joining Leggett so lots of different roles really.

Why did you decide to change your job/career?

I had been wanting to work as a property sales agent for a few years but never found anything that was really suitable so when the Leggett opportunity came along, I jumped at it.  I wanted to find a job where I could be fully accomplished and I thought I was made for the role of a property agent.

What attracted you to Leggett Immobilier in particular?

The thing that attracted me most to Leggett Immobilier was the ability to manage my own agenda / planning / life….I love the sense of working as a team and the support I get from my Coach and Area Coordinator.  I also get a lot of support from the various departments at Head Office and I like the way the company offers different incentives to sell which makes the job very rewarding.

How has being a Leggett Agent improved your lifestyle?

I really enjoy the fact that I have a job all year round (as opposed to 2 seasonal jobs).  Also being able to balance my life as a mum and as a professional.  It’s that work/life balance and better standard of living that is important to me.

What is the most interesting thing about the job?

I am continually learning something new everyday as there is a great variety of clients, mandates and situations. I also love the clientele relationship that develops during the buying and selling process.

What achievement are you most proud of?

I managed to get my name heard in an area where two great agents were already established.  I am also proud of the testimonials from satisfied clients as well as word of mouth which provides me with new leads.   Last but not least, I am proud to be featured as a successful Leggett Agent in this article!

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Property ref.: 88463EH73

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