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Leggett agents in confinement – helping in the community

Leggett agents are very often active and engaged members of their community – from pompiers, mountain rescue team members, local councilors and lots more in between. So it comes as no surprise that during these unprecedented times many Leggett agents have taken it upon themselves to help in out in their community.
Our lovely Parisian agents wanted to show their thanks to health workers in Paris and support local businesses by raising money to buy cakes from their favourite patisserie, A.Lacroix, and provide these to a local hospital.

Many of our agents have been involved in producing masks for their local communes – these are then delivered out to vulnerable members of the community and have also been delivered to care homes.

Some of our bilingual agents have been using the time to give online English and French lessons to children in their community.

Suzanne Bullerwell

And agents have also been supporting their local community by delivering food for local producers to venerable members of the community.

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