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At Home With Leggett

Our agents have almost all been working throughout the confinement period from their homes, answering questions and helping clients with their property search. However, alongside this, they’ve also had the opportunity to enjoy some other projects.
We were lucky to have gorgeous weather all throughout France for most of April and many of our agents traded phones and computers for gardening gloves and boots!
Among them, Penelope Setubal, who dug in 10 fruit trees with the help of her husband, Alexandra Colun who built vegetable trays with her family and planted seedlings (courgettes, radishes, salad, potatoes…), Gail Callicott who reorganised her garden to be ready to welcome chickens and Steve Bichards has been spending some time nurturing his tomato plants.

Staying at home also means enjoying our pets’ company a bit more. Lots of Leggett agents are animal lovers and have said that this has been one of their favorite parts of the confinement.
Claudia Goetting has been doing some paperwork, and her cat Audrey was of course there for moral support, if nothing else…
Maryvonne has been enjoying the company of her two dogs, Stiff and Câline, between answering two emails.
Lesley Sleigh tried to get her cat, Hemingway, to help with some gardening but it seems she hasn’t been too successful so far…
Ramona Rottweiler‘s dog, Joy, has been helping her pick properties for her clients in the Leggett magazine. So far so good!

Being unable to go out mandating and viewings properties also means getting less steps in during the day, so like many people – agents have been keeping fit at home.
Andrew Morgan takes advantage of having a bakery not far away to enjoy a lovely walk (with amazing views of Mont-Blanc), and Karen Robinson is taking care of the lambs recently born on her 70-acre farm (not what we would usually call sport, but very effective nonetheless!).
Graham Downie uses the Zwift app to ride with people from all over the world… from the comfort of his living room, and Sharon Scott is making sure to stay healthy (and is keeping her children busy at the same time) by practicing yoga.

Some agents have been using their imagination to get jobs done – or enjoying some good old fashioned games!
Kevin Cole is doing Quiz nights on Saturdays thanks to the Google Duo app, Ann McCarthy is doing art projects with her children and Jo Katz has been playing Yahtzee with her parents in the UK!
Suzanne Salmon used her time to tidy up her desk and Juliette Bailey spent some time going through some paperwork and getting rid of everything she didn’t need anymore.

Want to see more? We are sharing our agent’s, and members of staff’s, activities every Friday on our Facebook page. If you would like to join in the fun, please feel free to share your own activities with us there, we would be delighted to find out what you have been up to… ;)
Stay safe,
The Leggett Team

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