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Agents of the month – Jill and Mark Steward in the Alps

Jill and Mark Steward

This month we interviewed Jill and Mark Steward who are a very successful husband and wife team in the Alps Leggett Sales Team.  Here Mark takes the time to answer some questions to give us more of an idea of what the role of a self employed agent entails:

What did you guys do before you joined Leggett?

I worked for HarperCollins Publishers for 15 years and then as a freelance book publications project manager, and professional photographer.

Jill worked for Prudential as an Operations Manager. After moving to France, she worked for a local estate agency for 6 months.

Why did you decide to change your job/careers?

Moving to France came first but we had thought about Leggett Immobilier previously. Both of us were rather tired of our previous careers and were looking for something different, but one that would allow us to use the skills we had built up in our previous careers.

What attracted you to Leggett Immobilier in particular?

Working for ourselves but with a team around us was ideal, as well as the flexibility of the role. Jill had worked for a local agency but she had no USP and it was very difficult to find mandates. Leggett Immobilier is a big brand with a good reputation and we didn’t want to work at an agency.

How has being a Leggett Agent improved your lifestyle?

It’s certainly helped to have a regular income. However, to be successful in our area you have to throw everything at it and we work at it full time. For the first few years while you build up your business, it can be quite time consuming!

What achievement are you most proud of?

Being best new agents in the Alps, 2020 and having the best portfolio of 2020.

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