What are the implications of a Brexit on my French property purchase?


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The referendum will take place on Thursday 23rd June.

If you want further, more detailed, info you can get it here from the BBC.

Our (personal) view is that even if the vote was to leave the EU there would be little in the way of substantial change to UK citizens living in France.

So far, there has been little discussion about the approx 2m UK citizens currently living in other EU member states. This article in the Daily Telegraph should allay many fears of British expats.

We’re convinced that the Government will take every step possible to protect their benefits in any withdrawal discussions, it’s a financial & political minefield…..imagine all these (generally elderly) citizens coming back to the UK and the burden this would place on the NHS.

All independent polls are showing that the most likely outcome is a vote to stay in.  However, to be prudent, we have outlined below the three scenarios in the unlikely event of an “exit” vote:

1. UK retains membership in the EEA (European Economic Area) – this means that existing rules on freedom of movement would still apply.
2. A compromise solution – falls short of the existing rules but with special arrangement for certain citizens (we think this is the likely outcome).
3. No agreement between UK & EU.  Even given this scenario the EU tends not to impose visa requirements on wealthy countries.

In short, the view held by Leggett Immobilier is that whatever the outcome we see little in the way of substantial change to UK citizens living over here & that dreams of a happy retirement in France should still be realised.