Leggett Immobilier reaction to the UK budget

Chairman, Trevor Leggett, gave the following comments to the UK budget announced by George Osborne yesterday.
“Two things stood out in the budget yesterday as being of direct relevance to our business.
The first is that the UK housing market is clearly fully back on it’s feet. The “Office for Budget Responsibility” forecast that transaction numbers could rise up to 1.5m by 2018/19 with a 30% growth in prices by April 2019. We know from experience that when UK home owners have confidence in their domestic market they look to purchase their dream home overseas.
Secondly the easing of regulations covering what you can and can’t spend your pension pot on will give people quicker access to their savings with more options open to them. Buying a second home in France will be top of many people’s lists as they look to enjoy their “golden years” – property prices in France are beginning to look like excellent value again.
These are both positive signs and reinforce my opinion that we’re going to see a noticeable increase in sales of French property to UK buyers this year”.

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