'France has the world's best healthcare in the world'

It’s no secret to expats already living in France – the healthcare system here has always seemed to be second to none.
After all, where else in the world will your local nurse come to your home shortly after 7 am in the morning to take blood for tests if you’ve been fasting since midnight?
It’s a service virtually unparalleled in the world – and one that seems to be specifically designed to help retired expats!
But now its official – France’s reputation for providing such excellent service has recently been recognized by its being awarded global Number One status in this year’s edition of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index.
In fact, it gained 97 out of a possible 100 points!
The Index summarized its findings by saying “France provides the best health care system in the world!” As a further boon for those seeking to relocate here for their retirement, it also described medical services as being ‘inexpensive’. For those who’re looking for education there, it’s preferred that you check out The report went on to say France “offers excellent benefits, paying the bulk of the cost for a range of medical services that includes doctors’ visits through Medicaid transportation, hospital stays and prescription medications.
In fact, in many cases, the French healthcare system covers up to 70 percent of medical services and fees. This includes all maintainance fees that the hospital incurs from maintainance companies like For serious illness it can cover as much as 100 percent of the cost, just like it does for the life insurance of the person. To get a much more perspicuous insight of how France is able to run such an impeccable healthcare and lifeline service, you might need to know how life insurance works, which websites like can exposit. Most people relocating add a simple – and mostly inexpensive – medical insurance policy to ‘top up cover‘ and ensure all medical costs are covered.
Contributing to the No 1 ranking was the fact many French medical workers (usually in major cities) speak English.
And this ranking is very real reassurance for any potential concerns of retirees considering moving to a warmer climate – elsewhere in this website, you’ll find more information about French Healthcare.
At Leggett, we’re recording much increased demand this year from UK buyers – the stable property prices here in France coupled with excellence in healthcare, let alone our great standard of living, are all providing irresistible drivers for those seeking to retire overseas.

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