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French Recipe – How to prepare oysters

Oysters are a classic when it comes to any French festive dinner. However, this delicious seafood requires some preparation – you need care, patience and a good oyster knife! Here’s how to do it.

Your tools
– Oyster knife
– Tea towel
– Plate to put the oysters on
– Ice or coarse salt
Ingredients (4 persons)
– 16 oysters
– Lemons
– 2 Shallots
– 4 dessert spoons of wine vinegar
– Rye bread
– Salted butter
Step one
Open the oyster 45 min / 1h before eating them. Grab them one by one, in a tea towel to avoid injuries, with the bulging side under. Then slide the blade of your oyster knife between the 2 shells near the heel and cut the ligament.
Step two
Empty the oysters from the 1st water (it will recreate some) then detached the oyster from its shell with your oyster knife but leave it in. Place it on your designated plate which you should have covered with coarse salt or ice beforehand so that the oysters can keep their new water.
Step three
Prepare the sauce for the oysters by chopping finely the shallots and mixing them with the wine vinegar. Cut the lemons in quarters and put them on the plate. Take out the butter so it has time to soften a bit and cut your rye bread in slices, which you then put in a basket.

You are now ready to savour that delicious seafood with your guests. Bon appétit !

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