French Property Market

Sales to British buyers in France up during 2019

Last year showed that the British appetite for French property remained as strong as ever – in fact, it increased. Our sales to British buyers were up by 5% last year vs. 2018, showing that there are many of you taking advantage of the great buying conditions, including an increase in sterling at the end of the year.
Leggett sales to Brits have been up for the past two years, even though this market has been down overall. Across the board, our sales were up nearly 15% last year, showing the strong performance of the domestic French market, with President Macron’s pro-business agenda popular. Sales to Americans and Belgians were up as well. The most popular regions were the Poitou-Charentes, followed by Aquitaine (Dordogne, Bordeaux, Landes, and Pyrenees Atlantiques), Brittany, Limousin, and the Alps. Nothing has changed as far as the process of buying a property as we are heading into the Brexit transition period, so there’s plenty of time to start shopping for a French bolthole.
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