French Property Market

Paris market goes from strength to strength

The property market in the French capital is getting better and better. Emmanuel Macron might not be winning in the popularity stakes but he has brought renewed confidence to the market.
Macron’s pro-business agenda coupled with tax reform has boosted France’s appeal as a place to invest and do business and attracted international buyers to take a fresh view. However it’s been the domestic market driving the recovery of the prime residential market, with property prices reaching record highs in 2018, and transactions are at their highest level since around 2011. The most expensive districts of Paris are still relatively affordable compared to cities such as London or Geneva, after several years of a static market. Prices have gone up around 10 per cent year on year, as a whole, whilst some of the up and coming districts have been performing better – the 3rd and the 10th are two stand-out districts. It’s a unique and vibrant city with dozens of wonderful markets, museums, restaurants and shopping. Search for properties here.

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