French Property Market

Is it a good time to buy in France this year?

Now that property markets across Europe have cooled down after the post-Covid boom, is it a good time to buy in France?

It seems that – generally – prices have stopped rising and that activity has dropped off a little. This is good news for home hunters. FNAIM, the association of estate agents in France, has predicted that house prices will continue to fall by 5% on average during 2024 and the number of property transactions will remain below 900,000 for the next 12 months. The website expects prices to fall by around 4% in 2024. That means less competition for properties, interest rates have increased, and a softening of prices (and if you are a cash buyer, the rates will not affect you).

As in the UK, rates are not currently expected to fall significantly until at least 2025 as inflation continues across Europe. If there are fewer buyers there may be more power to negotiate; especially with properties with poor energy certificates (DPE).

What’s more, many properties are still a lot more affordable than UK comparables: in March UK prices showed the biggest jump for 10 months – maybe the time for better opportunities has already passed that side of the Channel.