French Property Market

French housing market on the up

We reported last month that steady buyer demand was beginning to push up house prices in France and the latest figures confirm this trend. Sales are up and UK buyers haven’t lost their appetite for France.

The latest report from the Notaires de France – for the first quarter of 2017 – shows that the recent upturn in the French property market continues to build momentum. Sales are up by 9% nationally and prices have increased by 1.6%.
Of course, these figures mask large discrepancies between hot and sluggish areas yet the overall feeling is one of optimism. Why? Domestic demand has been strengthening and interest rates remain low.
It’s clear too that fears of a drop in demand from UK buyers, following the referendum vote, are unfounded. Leggett Immobilier is reporting record sales for Q1 of 2017 and enquiry levels are 35% up on this time last year.