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France: one of the top three countries for international buyers

It is something that many of us suspected, but France is one of the favoured places for global property buyers. 2018 saw a real upswing in demand, a trend that is expected to continue during 2019.
According to a recent survey conducted in 2018 by ListGlobally, the largest international network of real estate portals, France is one of the countries that holds the strongest appeal for foreign buyers. France accounted for 14% of the international searches for the purchase of real estate. ListGlobally publishes listings from more than 100 property portals, in more than 60 countries, and it showed that shows that interest was particularly high from British, American and Italian buyers.  Budget sizes have also increased significantly, particularly amongst American buyers whose spending power has seen an increase of 130%.  According to Eric Calosci, VP Sales at ListGlobally, “this increase confirms the assumption that foreign buyers are willing to pay more than local buyers. We believe this trend will continue in 2019. The macroeconomic factors remain the same, with perhaps even a greater sense of urgency for British buyers who fear the imminence of Brexit.”
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