French Property Market

Enquiry levels are through the roof this summer!

The demand for French properties is speeding up and our enquiries are through the roof as the sun continues to shine.
We are seeing many international buyers keen to invest in Europe whilst the purchase process and costs remain as favorable as they are.  We’ve seen huge enquiry levels over the past three months as more and more people want to put a foot in the French property market. Graham Downie, Leggett CEO says: “The domestic market in France is booming with almost a million sales across the country in the last 12 months, and this is complemented by demand from the UK and elsewhere.  In particular we have noticed a real “Brexit backlash” with British buyers looking to defy the referendum result and keep at least one foot in Europe.  The double whammy of low prices and cheap financing means that France is currently a particularly attractive place for property investment.” 

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