French Property Market

Brexit: The ‘good life’ in France remains appealing to Brits

As a British run business in France, all of us here at Leggett Immobilier share a love of this part of Europe. From the idyllic lifestyle to the fantastic climate and the beautiful affordable properties, it is no wonder it is the most visited country in the world.


Following the results of yesterday’s referendum we continue to look forward to offering our clients the opportunity to buy property in France, with the usual high quality service that we have always offered.

Obviously we can’t predict the future, however, our agents have continued to close deals since the result was announced this morning. Coupled with this, our sales support team have been taking enquiries from clients all day and we have even had several calls from British people keen to leave the UK following the Brexit result!

British people have had a love affair with ‘the good life’ in France for decades and this is sure to continue. And it isn’t just the Brits. Our teams have helped many happy buyers from non EU countries to find the home of their dreams, assisting them through the purchase process and beyond.

Here at Leggett Immobilier we pride ourselves on teamwork, our family business outlook and our local knowledge. None of this has changed and we are committed to continuing to offer the very best service to our clients and vendors, as we have always done.