French Properties

Why we all love a character house

One of the biggest trends during 2020 was the flight from the cities to the countryside, and the market for rural property has flourished as a result.

Whilst for many years, the amount of rural properties has always been plentiful as populations moved into the cities, this trend has reversed a little in the past year so the stock of country estates has reduced. Amongst the buyers for these properties has been a new, younger demographic, with buyers of 25-30 years opting to move out of the cities for more green space and bigger homes. With a concern for health and well-being and the adoption of new ways of flexible working unlikely to be a passing phase, this trend is set to continue.

Beautiful Château in the Creuse

For Leggett, in 2020, requests for “properties in the countryside” jumped by +130% on our French website, and 28 per cent more offers were accepted for rural homes. Our châteaux page is the fourth most popular page on the website.  This demand for rural properties is likely to have an upward pressure on prices, after many years of sluggish growth in rural areas, when compared to towns and cities. It is also good news for the sellers of rural homes, who no longer need to wait for a buyer.  If you are looking to put your home on the market, we can help – it can even all be done digitally if necessary.  Contact us through our website :

Lovely renovated property in the Midi Pyrenées
Wonderful country property with woodland in the Charente