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What is the Audit Énergétique?

In the world of French real estate, sustainable and energy-efficient buildings are becoming more than just buzzwords; they are the future. To ensure that properties meet environmental standards, France has introduced the concept of “audit énergétique” or energy audits.

Since 1 April 2023, in addition to the Diagnostic de Performance Energétique (DPE), the most energy-intensive homes (classified as F or G) must undergo an Energy Audit as well when they are put on the market.

What is an Energy Audit?

Complementary to the DPE, the audit énergétique is a thorough examination of how energy is used within a given system, be it a house, a residential building, a commercial facility, an industrial plant, or any other energy-consuming infrastructure. Its primary objective is to identify areas of energy waste, assess energy consumption patterns, and recommend measures for enhancing energy efficiency.

What does the energy audit cover?

  • a general inventory of the property (thermal and geometric characteristics, details of heating, ventilation, and lighting equipment, etc.)
  • an estimate of the building’s performance (with the help of the DPE)
  • proposals for renovation work to improve energy performance
  • estimated energy savings
  • estimates of the cost of the proposed work
  • details of the main public grants available

Who can carry out an energy audit?

The energy audit must be carried out by a qualified professional who is insured to cover the consequences of any liability. To carry out your audit, you can contact:

  • certified property diagnosticians
  • design offices and companies qualified to carry out “energy audits in single-family homes” (OPQIBI 1911 qualification)
  • companies with the “Reconnu garant de l’environnement (RGE)” label.

Please note that the cost of this service is not regulated and depends on various factors such as the size of the building or the level of detail of the analysis. It can vary from one professional to the other, but on average, an audit costs between €1,000 and €1,500 for a detached house. The best thing to do is to get quotes from several professionals.

Audits énergétiques, or energy audits, are a fundamental component of French real estate, aligning with the nation’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Understanding when and why an energy audit is compulsory is crucial to ensuring compliance with French regulations and contributing to a greener future. By taking these steps, France is not only reducing energy consumption but also working towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly real estate industry.

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