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“We got our French visa in 15 days!”

Kay and Gary Clavell with their dog Scrumpy

If you think that buying a property in France and getting a visa to move there is going to be off puttingly complicated and time-consuming, then think again.

Our clients, British couple Kay and Gary Clavell, have just moved to the Dordogne in a relatively swift and painless fashion, despite the obstacles thrown up by the pandemic, or Brexit.  Kay, Gary and their border collie, Scrumpy – drove over from Somerset this month after successfully obtaining a long-stay visa in just 15 days. Gary, describes their situation, “We decided we wanted to make the move to France last year and earlier this year we sold our UK home very quickly. We started looking into visa options and getting our paperwork in order. In April we had an appointment at the London office of TLS [the company that handles visa applications for the French consulate] and two weeks later we got our visas.”

He explains that they provided bank statements to show available funds and have private health insurance policies. They used their friends’ address in the Dordogne on the application and they were able to help verify the Clavells’ intentions to buy a house in France.

This is when Leggett stepped in to help the Clavells find a property, which they viewed online to make an offer. They are now (nearly) the happy owners of a three-bedroom property in La Coquille after driving out in their campervan on 10th June (they are both double-jabbed for Covid-19 so felt safe travelling).

“We hope to complete in early August,” says Gary. “We popped into the local mairie and they were so welcoming. We can’t wait to get our new home.”