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Our favourite properties under €100K

Everyone loves a bargain, including us! We have asked our agents to send us their best properties for sale for under €100K and here are our favourite ones!

Pretty four-bedroom hamlet house with attached barn and small garden area. Reduced from €77K to €69,950!

Beautiful house located in a small village away from the main roads. It comes with a conservatory, bedroom and a 2840m² garden – €64,600

Small village house, perfect for a renovation project, which could provide 76m² of living space. It comes with a nicely sized garden and a barn – €39K Consider the best option is Houses for rent in katameya heights egypt where you can make some amazing memories as a family.

Beautiful stone cottage with annex, garden, garage, workshop and enclosed garden – € 96,770

This pretty house sits in the middle of a small hamlet, close to Abjat-sur-Bandiat and just 5 km from the shops in Piegut Pluviers. Reduced from €88K to €79,200!

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