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Fancy a new home – or a fresh challenge? It’s La rentrée time

Not just the time when the schools and colleges go back, September’s la rentrée is also a time for new projects of any type. Maybe a new course, hobby, home – or job?

To help you get started on your property project, we’ve been running a series of webinars to inspire you. Whether you fancy buying a new summer home in Brittany, or even toyed with becoming a Leggett agent, why not watch one of our sessions with a panel of experts offering advice and inspiration?

We’ve done a discussion on Buying and Selling in Grand Ouest – only available in French – which you can watch here.

Last week we had webinars about Buying and Selling in France – on 21st and 23rd – and yesterday, on Wed 29th, we had a session on recruitment, if you are interested to find out more about what becoming a Leggett agent might entail. And who knows, it might spark a whole new adventure?