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French Recipe – Make your own crepes for the Chandeleur (pancake day)!

Every year, on the 2nd of February, is the Chandeleur in France. This day is all about making and eating crepes with friends and family so here is our recipe for delicious homemade crepes.

Ingredients (10 people)
500g of flour
200g of sugar
3 eggs
1 pinch of salt
50g of melted butter
1 liter of semi-skimmed milk
How to
1. Put the flour in a large bowl and make a small hole in the middle. Put the eggs, the sugar, the salt and the melted butter in it.
2. Delicately mix all the ingredients together while slowly pouring in the milk. The batter should have a thick consistency. Let it rest for a couple of hours in the fridge if possible.
-> Top Tip: You can add extra ingredients to the batter to give it a twist. The most popular extras among French people are rum, beer, Cointreau or orange-flower water, but you can pick whichever you prefer.
3. Warm a pan with a bit of oil or butter and pour in one ladle of batter. Spread it across the pan and once ready, flip it to cook the other side.
-> Crepes can be eaten with as many fillings as you wish. The most popular ones are chocolate / Nutella, sugar and, jam.

Bon appétit!

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