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France top place to live in Europe and UK the worst – according to Quality of Life Index 2011

Once again France comes out on top in the Quality of Life Index. The UK, however, comes in 10th – lower than last year.
Yahoo news reports that “a survey of over 2,000 adults found their biggest concern was ‘broken society’, as well as the cost of living, crime and violence. Some 5% said they were happy with the UK, with over one in 10 “seriously considering” emigrating.”
This is the third year running that France has been first.
The Uswitch index attempts to measure health, wealth and  happiness by looking at 16 factors to understand how the  major European countries compare to each other. Variables such as net income, VAT and the cost of essential goods, such as fuel, food and energy bills, are examined along with lifestyle factors, such as hours of sunshine, holiday entitlement, working hours and life expectancy to provide a complete picture of the quality of life experienced in each country. For more details go to  http://www.uswitch.com/news/money/uswitch-quality-of-life-index-uk-is-the-worst-place-to-live-in-europe-900002286/

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