The Food Trail, episode 3

Last week our mouths were watering at the idea of bouillabaisse and seafood from Brittany. Let’s see what the next item on the menu is this week…

So, on to the main course … decisions, decisions! It could be the famed Bleu de Bresse appellation chicken from eastern France roasted simply with butter and herbs – delicious – or served in a wondrous cream sauce with a dash of Calvados. If you’re in the South West of course there’s duck – from foie gras to confit or as part of a wonderful Cassoulet – there’s so much emphasis on the bird in this region we wouldn’t be surprised to find duck ice cream one of these days! Or salted lamb from the seaboard, lots of pork dishes abound but I’ve always been told the national dish of France is steak and chips – when its perfectly cooked, basted with butter, and accompanied, naturally, by a bowl of the crispest hottest pommes frites well it’s simply sensational. And some of the best beef, it’s claimed, comes from the Limousin cattle. The Limousin is a country of gently rounded hills with tiny valleys where streams tumble down to lakes and woods which offer a bountiful harvest of cèpes – wild mushrooms – hazelnuts and chestnuts! As one of the less populated regions of France and almost in the centre of the country, this makes the perfect getaway for a life of peace and beauty.
Next week, discover what cheese is on the menu!
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