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October is ‘Foodies’ time with the French ‘week of food’!

Whilst some might think that every week of the year is about food in France – and that’s why we love it – but October 7-13th was officially the “Semaine du Goût”. To honour this, we are taking a look at a trio of gourmet treats from the South of France and bringing you a property perfectly located to benefit from each culinary specialty… 

‘Cake of the house’ or ‘Gâteau Basque’ is a pastry from the Northern Basque region. Here is an authentic historic Basque farmhouse with swimming pool, 4-star rated gîte and magnificent views of Pyrénées . Delicious! 

Salad Nicoise – so popular today that you can find it in Pret but it originated from Nice on the French Riviera. Here is a 3-room apartment with stunning views from its balcony. 

Originating from Spain, but migrating across the border into Languedoc Roussillon, the ‘Tielle Sètoise’ is a pie filled with octopus and spicy tomato sauce. This cracking two-bedroom apartment is handily close to restaurants in Montagnac. 

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