Nautical but nice? Another great reason to visit La Rochelle

History buffs, boaty types (and property hunters) enjoyed a fabulous time last weekend in the Charente-Maritime.
Up until last weekend, The Hermione, a modern copy of the frigate Lafayette which was sent by France to help American independence forces during the War of Independence was moored in the lovely town of La Rochelle.  Here are three properties worth dropping anchor for…

Only 15km from La Rochelle this is a four-bedroom bungalow – that could be five – with fenced garden and high-speed internet!

This is a charming two-bedroom house with lovely garden, swimming pool and gite. Had an outbuilding ripe for conversion to a studio.

This gorgeous stone Maison de maitre oozes potential. Comes with numerous stables and a paddock, but extra bedrooms could be added to the existing two.

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