I love you in French and other love phrases you really need to know…

French is renowned to be the language of love, so when it comes to declaring your feelings, French is the way to express yourself. We have picked for you the most romantic ways of saying ‘I love you’ in French…

  1.       Je t’aime

This one is pretty well-known across the world, and straightforward.
“Aimer” means to “love”, but it can also mean “to like”, as in “j’aime le foie gras” (“I like foie gras”). However, when you say “je t’aime” to someone, it means you are really in love with that person – it is not something you can say thoughtlessly.
“Je t’aime” can also be told to parents and siblings.

  1.       Tu es mon âme sœur

You are my soul mate. The “œu” in “Sœur ” (like “Cœur”) is pronounced “uh”.

  1.       Je t’aime de tout mon cœur

I love you with all my heart.

  1.       Je t’aime à la folie

I love you madly.

  1.       Ça a été un coup de foudre

It was love at first sight – literally “it was a lightning strike”.

  1.       Je t’aimerai toujours

I will always love you.

  1.       Tu es l’amour de ma vie

You’re the love of my life

  1.       Tu es la prunelle de mes yeux

You are the apple of my eye.  “Prunelle” means sloe (so another type of fruit!), but also the eye’s pupil.  This one is a bit twee and not used so much these days.

  1.       Tu es ma moitié

Literally “you are my half”.

  1.   Je t’aime à en mourir

I love you so much I could die.

  1.   Veux-tu m’épouser ?

Will you marry me?

  1.   Tu me manques

I miss you.

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