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It’s Official! French is still the best nationality in the world

Well, it might be preaching to the converted, but being French has been ranked top in the world, for the eighth year running! And it’s not just based on all that terrific wine and cheese. 
Kälin and Kochenov’s Quality of Nationality Index (QNI) ranks nationalities in terms of a number of factors, such as external value of a nationality, influence in offering opportunities to those outside their country of origin, welfare, education, healthcare and life chances. Offering peace, stability, citizens’ opportunities for development, ease of visa-free travel, and opportunities to work and live abroad were also rated. Did you know that a French passport allows the holder to travel in almost 165 countries without a visa?  France beat Germany and the Netherlands, who were joint second-placed. Not unrelated to this fact is the surge in inquiries for properties that we have seen in 2020: they are up 44% on our website compared to 2019. No doubt we’d all love life at the top …
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