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AI & fairytale village for April Fool’s Day

April Fools’ Day in France is known as the “poisson d’avril” (April Fish). This tradition dates back to 1564 and has now become common practice for the French media to take part in celebrating it; newspapers, magazines, radio, TV… will relay fake stories. But one should not take people for fools for too long, as the media will usually reveal what is true and what is false the very next day.

So, this year we thought: “Why not take part in all the fun”! And because we are passionate about everything to do with technology, we decided to create a whole village for sale in the Dordogne with the help of popular AIs: ChatGPT, and PhotoLeap.

This was the resulting video:

We did our best to make it look realistic while including clues that this was indeed an April Fool’s Day prank. For instance, hidden in the video is a little fish, as well as our infamous Marie-Antoinette ghost from our Halloween Video.

We also included a line giving away the truth at the very end of the listing we created on our website. The listing is no longer visible, as we took it down as soon as the 1st of April was over, but here is a glimpse of it:

And here is the full explanation of how we did it:

We were delighted to see that the vast majority of people really did enjoy our little marketing stunt, so we may very well come up with something else for next year… stay tuned! 😉  

We may not have this wonderful Dordogne village for sale, but we do have lovely properties that can suit every budget and taste in our portfolio. Why not take a look at our website and find your French Dream Home