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Living in the landscapes that inspired the Impressionist painters

It has long been a fascination of art enthusiasts to visit the scenes that inspired some of the most famous artworks ever painted. But if the beauty of the Oise Valley captivated artists like Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Pissarro they might also inspire you.

Walking in the footsteps of Van Gogh

Van Gogh knew this beautiful house at Auvers-Sur-Oise, situated close to the church, and is said to have painted some of his masterpieces in a studio at the entrance to the property.

L’Isle-Adam and Parmain

These beautiful towns situated on either side of the river Oise inspired many artists and have kept their authentic charm. Today, the tourist office puts on guided tours and river cruises to enable visitors to learn more about the artists and the places that inspired them.

Artist Louis Lemaire lived and painted at this magnificent house at Parmain.


The area around this beautiful mansion at Champagne-sur-Oise inspired artists like Rousseau, Daubigny, and Dupré who captured the area in paint. With a pottery wheel and kiln in the basement, you can create your own masterpieces at this house and relax in the covered swimming pool too.