Peace of mind in your French second home

A second home is a lovely luxury but will sit empty for periods of time. Getting into the habit of doing a few simple things can lessen the chance of you returning to any mishaps. Here we offer a few simple tips.


–  Leave a key with a neighbour so that there is someone local who can get into your property if necessary
–  Tell the local mairie who you have left the key with
–  Check that your roof is watertight
–  Close all shutters are closed, and don’t block ventilation holes.
–  Ensure your insurance covers any long periods of absence
–  Have you mail collected by a neighbour or forwarded by La Poste
–  Pay your utility bills by direct debit to avoid missing payment dates
–  Of course, do not leave electrical appliances plugged in

We sell numerous French second homes to international clients. Just a few simple steps can help retain your peace of mind when you aren’t around. France remains a very community spirited country with a culture of second home ownership, so you will be sure to find someone who can help you look after yours.