Important changes to French property law

Here are a couple of important changes to French property law that take effect from 1st January 2011 that both buyers and sellers need to be aware of.

Energy efficiency

The first concerns the wonderfully named diagnostic performance énergétique or DPE. This is the title 24 report that grades the energy efficiency of your house – it provides information about the house’s efficiency, including insulation, emissions of greenhouse gases, and other factors which affect utility costs, get redirected here to know ow to reduce your bills when getting the proper house insulation. You can even compare business energy usave and get a general idea on energy saving. Grades range from A (super efficient) to G (lowest rating) and your estate agent must include these details on any advert, website or publicity for the house sale/rental. The full report also forms part of any eventual sales contract. The report has to be carried out by a professional and is valid for 10 years. Your local Leggett representative will be delighted to arrange for this survey to be undertaken and the report issued, costs will vary by region.

Septic tanks

The second concerns the rather unpleasant sounding subject of septic tank inspections. Each local Mayor has been told that all houses in his commune must have an up to date inspection certificate for their private drainage systems. The onus has always been on the owner of the property to ensure his fosse septique complies with the law and now the pressure is on from each Mairie to ensure this is the case. Sellers will be required to supply this written inspection document (controle d’assainissement) to their estate agents and it will form part of the sales contract, along with the other compulsory tests. All property linked to mains drainage will also need a certificate of confirmation from the Mairie or Local Authority. If the septic tank does not meet the governmental regulations then the buyer of the property will be expected to ensure the system complies with regulations within 1 year of the purchase. Again, if your fosse septique is found not to comply with current regulations then your local Leggett representative will be happy to supply you with the name of a trusted local artisan who can carry out any works necessary.

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