Secrets of finding expert help for your renovation job

The renovation project is back. Our appetite for fixer-uppers, wrecks or “projects” has reawakened across France – but are you a little rusty when it comes to finding expert help? Look no further Tradepro Installation Services can help you with your renovation plans.


– First of all, how to find the right person? Choosing someone local is good for Anglo-French relations as long as you can communicate your needs clearly.

– France has excellent craftsmen but also a few cowboy builders – so make sure you check trades people are correctly registered ( and with a carte professionnelle.

– Ask to see their insurance document, references but also to see work they have already completed.

– Get three quotes (“devis”) for any work with start and finish dates.

– Make sure that stage payments do not exceed the final budget so that you withhold monies until all the snagging is completed.

For more information, ask your local Leggett agent.